Quickly & Easily Boost Conversions

It’s not about making things look cool. Yes, that is a nice bonus, but this is really a design decision aimed at making more money. You want, no – you need – to boost conversions.

Good news! The solution is easier than you may think. Start using larger images (larger screen dimensions, not download sizes). They consistently deliver higher conversion rates.

Whether it’s a site focused exclusively on sales, or one that’s just looking for sign-ups and to capture visitor information, increased image sizes have been positively correlated with increased conversions. Naturally this has gotten the attention of big brands and e-commerce sites alike.

Tom McCoy

An avid people watcher, Tom has always been fascinated by the way humans perceive and interact with the world. This, combined with an eye for style, led to a successful career of enhancing the way we appeal to customers.

As a consultant, entrepreneur and artist, he offers design & marketing expertise to anyone willing to listen to him ramble like a mad scientist. In his spare time, Tom likes to work with his hands – painting works of art, fixing up old cars & old houses.

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Tom McCoy

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